Top 7 most bizarre ingredients used in hair conditioners.

In a constant pursuit of beauty, we are no longer afraid of reaching for even the most drastic means. Even undergoing plastic surgeries or doing backbreaking exercises has stopped to scare us away. Definitely, we are ready to sacrifice a lot just to make our look gorgeous. How much?

Let us present top seven the most bizarre ingredients used in hair conditioners.


Hair conditioner that features bull semen is perceived as an exclusive hair treatment. It is a widely adopted hair rebuilding therapy offered by many London beauty salons. This controversial ingredient is taken from free-range bulls living in territories of Scotland. Supporters of this hair caring ingredient admit that bull semen contains huge amounts of precious proteins, which work moistening, nourishing and softening.


Another controversy connected with hair conditioners is an ingredient used in Asian cosmetics – namely horse fat. It is believed that its composition is similar to human sebum composition. Therefore, it is supposed to perform well in taking a good care of hair and skin. The same applies to horse bone marrow. Hair conditioners enriched with the very ingredient are expected to reinforce, provide flexibility, and ease combability of strands.


Yet another animal, the fat or bone marrow of which is used for cosmetic manufacture, is mink. Both substances are taken from these small animals, which are either raised for their fur, or which happen to die in laboratories or zoological gardens. These two ingredients deliver softening and nourishing action.


Contrary to what might be expected, animal placenta is a fairly popular ingredient that is used in cosmetics. Hair conditioners are enriched with the very substance because the animal placenta is supposed to strengthen hair and gift it with smoothness. What is more, this organic ingredient is believed to boost microcirculation of scalp.


Probably, snail slime seems to be the least bizarre substance included into the following ranking because it is rather a widespread ingredient used in many beautifying treatments. When combined with a hair conditioner, snail slime is supposed to protect hair against aggressive external factors, add shine, improve elasticity, and prevent water loss.


Exotic and off-putting ingredient, which is gorilla snot, is used in hair conditioners that are expected to fix a hairdo. This type of hair beauty products are produced in Mexico.


Surprisingly, hair cosmetics are frequently enriched with cow colostrum (also known as beestings, bisnings or simply first milk), which is a substance produced by cow mammary glands. Actually, cow colostrum includes great amounts of protein, vitamins, and minerals, which in turn, is supposed to rebuild human hair follicles.