ECO Hair Conditioner – Yes or no?

The World is moving forward, technology is advancing and in spite of all that we still come back to the old ways in conditioning. Natural ingredients become popular once more. Hence, we are more and more keen on use of organic products. We prefer to avoid chemical compositions.

Does use of ecological hair conditioners and shampoos is justified? Or maybe it is just another pointless trend?

Eco hair conditioner.

We should start by explaining what the ecological hair conditioner is. In fact, we should talk a little about the difference between traditional product and the organic one. The main difference is the conditioner’s composition, that you should pay close attention to during shopping. Ecological hair conditioners have formula free of parabens, alcohols, silicones, artificial colourants and other chemical substances. Organic composition is an indicator of product being natural. It also means that hair conditioner offers properties based on concentrated vegetable ingredients obtained from ecological cultivations.

What are the ingredients we talk about? There are few.

– vegetable oils extracted from seeds, nuts or fruits,
– extracts from leaves, steams, flowers or springs,
– oils and vegetable juices, etc.

Eco doesn’t mean it is worse

The most frequent question is about whether it is worth to use ecological hair conditioner. It is impossible to say if it is the right way for everyone. We are all different from each other, so the action of eco hair conditioner can also be different. However, there are few differences as well as similarities that can be clearly stated between ecological and traditional hair conditioner. They are the testimony of eco conditioners not being worse than the rest!

Concentrated formula of ecological hair conditioner is safer, because it contains only natural ingredients. In case of traditional hair conditioner there exists possibility that composition holds artificial substances, which can cause allergic reactions. However, it doesn’t mean that organic conditioner cannot cause allergies! It can, because the allergens can be in some plants, nuts, etc. Despite all that, eco conditioner always means better control over the composition and its clarity.

Properties of hair conditioner based on organic ingredients is not worse in spite of existing stereotype. Chemical substances doesn’t mean better effectiveness. Natural oils and extracts have similar properties, sometimes even more complex and long lasting.