Few words on hair structure and hair conditioners

Hair nourishment is a basic thing, which (beside hair wash) should be implemented into the everyday hair care. It is a result of not only trends, hair stylist’s recommendations or habits. The necessity of hair conditioners use results from hair structure. Let us introduce to you, basic information about the meaning of hair conditioner application.

What the hair is like, everyone knows. However, the most interesting information on its subject are hidden inside. Hair fibre is made of external part (the one above the skin) and internal (placed under the skin). The external layer of hair is called a hair shaft and its made of three elements – medulla, cortex and hair cuticle. On the other hand, the internal part is made of root and hair bulb, which (in significant generalisation) are placed in skin pocket, so called follicle.

To get to know and understand rules of right hair nourishment, you have to remember about all of that.

To be able to enjoy beautiful and healthy hair you need to be reasonable in their care. It is important to remember about hair specification and know what it needs for proper growth. Firstly, of great significance is protection and conditioning of hair shaft. Then you have to take care of bulbs condition in skin. All of that should be supported with balanced diet. But, let’s just get back to conditioning. How to take a good care of hair?

It is best to start at the source, i.e. bulbs. By using hair conditioner you not only deliver essential nourishing ingredients to each bulb, but also improve their absorption. All you need to do is perform head massage along with every application to boost micro-circulation in skin. Nourishing ingredients will absorb better and conditioner will be able to supply follicles with more oxygen. You should also think of elimination skin diseases (e.g. psoriasis or dandruff). Here hair conditioner will also come handy, but it has to have more targeted properties.

Do not forget about external part, i.e. hair shaft. Beside regular cut of ends and limited thermal stylisation, important is nourishment. Good conditioner will provide proper level of hydration, seal hair cuticles and eliminate all problems related to hair (e.g. dryness, roughness, matt, brittleness).