How should you use hair conditioner?

Hair conditioner use is simple. There cannot be anything difficult about it. Is that what you think? Statistics show something quite different. The most common cause of visit at trichologist (“hair doctor”) is incorrect use of conditioning cosmetics, including hair conditioners. We do not read labels, do not apply to manufacturers’ directions and use product as we like. No wonder, that all products are ineffective and result-less.

Hair conditioners can be compared to skin creams.

The properties are the same. Both products are responsible for conditioning, protection, nourishment, hydration, smoother and gloss. However, their effectiveness is based on two matters: right choice and right use. That is why use of conditioner according to recommendations is so important.

How to correctly use hair conditioner?

1. You usually apply too large amount of cosmetic at once. Stop applying too much of hair conditioner, because excess product can weight hair down. In case of hair conditioners, rule “the more the better” doesn’t apply. If manufacturer state that for the entire hair length enough is, e.g. one pump then you should use exactly this much. Larger amount of conditioner on hair won’t make it more effective.

2. Application should be careful. You shouldn’t apply product sloppily and expect immediate effects. It is best to put all hair forward, because it makes application of conditioner easier. More attention need those parts which are particularly damaged. Conditioner doesn’t have to be administer evenly on hair – if you have damaged hair, then you can easily apply on them more product.

3. You shouldn’t rub conditioner in scalp. Here rule is a bit different than in case of vegetable oils, which can be used both on scalp and hair. Hair conditioner (as name indicates) should be used on hair. Avoid application on scalp and do not rub it in, because it can lead to skin irritation, excess sebum secretion or dandruff. For scalp are dedicated different cosmetics.

4. Very common mistake is keeping conditioner too long on hair. The rule is the same as in number 1. You should stick to time set on the packaging. If manufacturer recommends rinse after 5 minutes, it means that this is enough time for it to work, after this time conditioner does not indicates any other properties or can even do some harm to hair.